Ning Zhang

You also can call me Bruce Zhang. An Economics student, on my way to pursuing a Ph.D. in economics.







About Me


Research Interests

I am very interested in economics and hope to get my Ph.D. in economics. I am currently focusing on the development of urbanization and changes in the countryside in China.


Research Advisor

Dr. Zhenshan Bao 包振山副教授,YCTU)

Dr. Lixiu Huang 黄利秀教授,YCTU)

A.P. Xuening Gu 顾学宁副教授,NUFE)


👇This is my CV in English







A Confused Person And Thoughtful Observer

I have a lot of confusion about society, others and myself, and have been thinking about the reasons for it. Many of the things I see are irrational and I wish I could do better.

The main task in my free time is to constantly travel to various places to find, discover and record some unique social phenomena, which can make me think a lot. I regard myself as a boring person, and so do others think.


👇You can view this website about my thinking (in Chinese)





At Now

Finding the university to study further, trying to become a strong man.










Contact Me

Email: mail #% ning.im

Twitter: @BruceNZhang