Ning Zhang


What is the Economics?

I embarked on a long journey to uncover a deeper answer to this question. Unfortunately, I have yet to find a satisfying response and am still in the process of searching for insights and training in economics.

At this period, I am not sure which kind people I am. I try to find myself and love myself. You can view my CV and you may formally know more about me.

I enjoy beer, cooking, travel, and cars. I often find myself lost in thought and am eager to engage in meaningful endeavors.

What I Am Doing Now (Spring 2024)

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Twitter: @Ning_Zh_

UArizona: AREC

About Website

This website is built by Blogdown in R and based on Hugo and I used model and frame from Yihui’s website. I love his thoughts about Internet and website building which would record your history and every step in modern Internet, but also people can preserve ideas from the past.

I am not good at coding, obviously, this website has some bugs that I cannot fix it.