Ning Zhang




Loving travel and exploration✈️,  Fake minimalist

Cooking and Food🍺 Lover,   Having little procrastination

A boring man,   A thoughtful observer📸


Doing Now (Fall 2022)

• Improving my very poor English (I am still a  deaf and dumb)

• Having a plan to go to gym in mind, not in physical every day

• Preparing materials to write a paper

• Learning how to be cool in coding




My previous research focused on solving poverty issues and the development of rural areas in China. To be honest, I wrote some not good papers during my undergraduate, but I would like to do some meaningful things and do more strict training in Economics.

On my way to pursuing a Ph.D. in Economics, but I haven't found which one is my research interest. I like Development Economics and Environmental Economics now. 


2022-Now, M.S., Agricultural and Resource Economics

The University of Arizona, Tucson, USA

(Graduate Research Assistant, work with Dr. George Frisvold)


2016-2020, B.A. Economics

Yancheng Teachers University, Yancheng, China

(Advisor Dr. Zhenshan Bao YCTU, Dr. Lixiu Huang YCTU, A.P. Xuening Gu NUFE)


This is my CV in English (Last updated 2022)

That is my not good papers (Chinese)

That is my thinks website: 平凡派 (暂不更新)



Find Me

Twitter: @BruceNZhang

Uarizon: AREC

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